Just lost my blogirnity…

Call me a late bloomer. I JUST lost my blogging virginity! Well, not really. I have written countless blogs in my mind. But today, I kicked procrastination in the gut, and decided today was gonna be the day. **Notes date on diary**

The moment I logged on to wordpress.com, I discovered I knew zilch about zilch. But that discovery was not gonna deter me from putting my thoughts on this blog. Then I remembered, my first computer lesson. I was completely not getting it. And Lord! My teacher was not helping matters. He made me feel like the slowest of the slow. After just one hour of training, he told me computers was not my thing. When I got home that day, I could not look my Dad in the eye, when he asked me how my first day in “computer school” was… but that is a story for another day. I dare say, that today I’m proficient in most computer applications, it’s unbelieveable! (disclaimer: not programming and what not) IN YOUR FACE meanie-computer-teacher!!!

So now, every so often, when inspiration strikes, I will blog because I believe I have a story to tell. Make that STORIES. Opinions, views, experiences, questions, on every topic of life. Coz I’m a live-r (A stake-holder of life). It will not be an entirely new thing to do, this writing thing, because I spend hundreds of minutes writing everyday. On my facebook page, on my twitter page, on my IMs, on BBM, on SMS. I’m writing all the time.

But wait, who said people lose their virginity? Is it a loss? The loss of one’s virginity is the beginning of one’s sexual explorations. And sex is undoubtedly one of the BEST human experiences. So for me, I think I much rather say, I just gained my sexuality. Orgasm. Scratch that. Blorgarsm 😉

Yes, I just said that!

    • aditeacha‏
    • August 20th, 2010

    Finally… and normally Blorgasm comes with many benefits of sharing thoughts, networking and its a continual learning process.

    • Wapp’un a di teacha. Fram when mi a pickney mi a dweet (dis writing ting). Hehehe. Tankx man.

  1. WOOOOOHOOOOO finally you start the blog!!! I’m loving this storo, Kwanza yo humour can’t wait…

    • Lookie here! You stopped by babe? I’m thrilled. I read your blog all the time. It deserved the award it got, not to mention the fashion tips I get from it-amazing stuff. Thanks Ella. xo!

    • Maina
    • August 21st, 2010

    Great that the barrier is now broken. Welcome.

    • Thanks Chiira! There’s still so much to learn, but I guess, it’s a day at a time. Then I become a guru like you 🙂 So, I still owe you that blog on that subject. When I put it up, I shall deffoe tag you guys (that’s if I’ll even figure out how to do that). Oh well. Learning process.

  2. I too lost my bloginity a week a ago too. Its actually harder than I thought it would be. But we’l see abt that won’t we.
    I like the term live-r [stakeholder at life].
    Looking forward to some more of your posts.

    • Sup Jamoe. If you also started a week ago, that doesn’t make me a late bloomer, ey. Drop me the link to your blog, shall stop by. One.

    • Lol Kwani its a phenomena? Mine was stolen last week too!!! LMAO

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere 🙂

    • Asante boyfulani. I have a feeling, I will get addicted to this blogosphere phenomenon.

  4. Welcome to blogworld!

    • Hey Tricia. Thank you for stopping by. I’m loving this blog-world 🙂

    • Suetiful
    • August 25th, 2010

    Love it love it love it!!!welcome babes!! Enjoy the experience!!!!

    • Awww thanks love. Thanks for stopping by. Baby steps 😀

    • Mackel
    • September 16th, 2010

    Blorginity and blorgasm!! Nice one, reall deeep…

  5. Welcome to blogosphere…it’s always a pleasure reading new stuff… 😀

    • SupremeGREAM
    • September 27th, 2010

    Hey, karibu sana to blogsphere. Looking forward to great reads. Its in you.

  6. Going through the comments on Biko’s page, then I found you. I knew instantly that I liked you. Lost my blogirnity a few months ago. It’s been tough. You wanted fra’s {she insisted that her name be written in lowercase} opinion, I’m not her, but please don’t stop writing. At least not just yet. Don’t second guess yourself!!!

    • Awww! Welcome to blogosphere. Thanks so much for your kind remarks. I’m so encouraged.

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  2. October 6th, 2010
  3. October 26th, 2010

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