Happy Birthday Me :)

Today, is my birthday. I was born a few years ago on the 29th of September. Every time I see the number 29 or the month September written anywhere, I promise you, my heart skips a beat. These must be my lucky numbers. 29 and 9. I almost added the other two numbers that represent the year I was born. But I’m smart 😉

So, I’m sitting here recapping my past birthdays. Like my 5th birthday. My Mommy (God rest her soul in eternal peace) baked me a lovely vanilla cake, that was orange in color. My Mum made sure to put 5 cute candles on my cake. My next memory my 13th. It was standard practise for Dad to buy us (my siblings and I) Madeira cake on our birthdays, except the aforementioned birthday where Mum baked me a cake. So this particular birthday, my Dad bought me the cake and a card. I will forever remember the words that were written on that card. The best part was what he wrote at the bottom, “…Love Dad”. *insert a coy look right about here* 😀

I have had many other memorable birthdays, but I will fast forward to two years ago. I was recuperating from a major surgery that had been carried out on me 26 days before this particular birthday. I returned to work that day and it was a tough day. In the evening my girl asked me to take her to town, (which I did but amidst mob protests because I was extremely exhausted and was still not feeling well) and long story short, I ended up at Klubb Sound, where I found ALL my friends and part of my family waiting for me. Upon seeing me, they all shouted in unison “SURPRISE!!!” Let’s just say, my eyes leaked a proper one. My heart was touched beyond words. It was undoubtedly the best birthday I ever had. I later found out that my brother Dante is the one who organized the WHOLE thing. I can’t tell you in words how special my brother Dante was, and how much he still means to me. My sister Nicole was away on a work trip that day.

Today is my second birthday without Dante. I will especially miss the “my-birthdays” we had together. That boy was just as loving as my Mum, and if God took them away coz heaven needed love, I understand. But that’s a story for another day. Today, for the first time in three years my sister is going to be around on my birthday. I truly count it a blessing. She is the only sibling I have in the whole wide world, and I love her to bits. If I don’t get any birthday gifts today, I will count yet another blessing, and that is definitely my Dad. I don’t think the English vocabulary has any words that can describe the love I have towards my father.

So, today, I made a point to wear a dress so that I could feel like the grown woman, that I have become. Dress, skirt. Same difference. In the morning, I had this hairstyle, that made me feel so unpretty. I vowed that none of you would see me in it. So, I skived work, went had it removed and now I feel fly 🙂 It will go down in my chronicles as the hairdo that did the shortest stint on my head. God please don’t forgive that hairdresser for what she did to me. This is why I *insist* on having male hairdressers. You want a photo? Fat chance 🙂 I sent a photo to two of my girlfriends @switcheeks and Tyra and they are still LOLing. Enough said.

On such days, it is inevitable to think about certain things. These kind: my goals, my dreams and what I have achieved (or not achieved) thus far. When I was 14 years old, I had a sell by date on so many things. I would have my dream career by this age, I would be married by this age, I would get kids by this age, I would have “these” investments by this age. Today, I have passed all “this-age” (s) and I don’t have ANY of these things. Pause. I need to grab a hankie. Not. I will not lie to you and say that this doesn’t bother me. It does, many times. In fact this right here, is the reason I was in some serious funk yesterday.

So, does that mean I regret my life? No sir. I don’t. If I would go back, I wouldn’t change anything. This is what has made me the strong individual I am today. I embrace my destiny. I can assure you someone somewhere, out of all the six billion earthlings living in this world, wants to be ME.

Yes, I just said that.

  1. You know I teared up reading this! Happy birhday Sept babe! Much love from me and I hope you have a really great birthday (the day is not over yet)
    Love xx

    • Awww no! That wasn’t my intention at all. Didn’t want you tearing up things. Thanks for the wishes. It was a good birthday.

    • Kaggzie
    • September 29th, 2010

    I usually categorize ppl i meet..and from the 1st time i did durin rugby and after talkin to you on twitter,i placed you among the ppl i can sit down and listen to to learn..i really hope we’ll get to do that one day..much respect and love..happiest birthday to you..you deserve all the blessings set out for you today and a whole bucketful more:-):-*

    • Hey kaggzie, same here! You are such a sweet sweet spirit. Remember how we’d exchange notes on Lucy Pearl (you were the first person who I talked to and knew who Lucy Pearl was). See, that Chrisette Michelle album thingy you writing for me, that would be a lovely time to do that sitting down and talking. What do you think?

  2. Happy birthday love. Hope you have many, many more. God bless.

    • Thanks Oture. I see you heeded V’s call to wish me. Thanks my dear.

  3. Hope you had an awesome BD.

    You still wont tell us that magic number? How old? :p

    • I thought I put my age somewhere in the post. Ok. I’m 21.

  4. Well it seems you had a good ‘happy birthday’ save for the funk. Also its good you have such happy memories of your loved since gone. Sounds like y’all were really close. I guess life looks like its far from being lived at 14, then bam! you are 24 and life feels like it’s in your face but no regrets. Rock on

    • Lol. Yes, then Bam! 24 is looking me in the face. Word right. Thanks for stopping by. Baraka tele.

  5. I know you had fabulous birthday.

    • sibbie
    • October 2nd, 2010

    *wipes tears*

    I hope you had a lovely birthday dear. Keep up the memories.

  6. Thanks hun 🙂

  1. September 17th, 2011

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