I Need A Shrink…

… and so do you. You are laughing? I’m as serious as a grand mother with a heart attack. 🙂 Let me indulge you give me 5 minutes or less of your time and I promise to tell you why you and I need to see a shrink.

You are brushing your teeth whenever, then you notice that you are bleeding, what will be your first thought? You need to see a Dentist, right? Notice, I said Dentist not doctor. There is virtually a doctor for every type of condition or ailment. Of course you already know that from the countless times you answered such questions in your English or was it Science exams in the past. An Optometrist/Optician is the doctor who takes care of your eyes. A Pediatrician is a doctor who takes care of kids. Et ce te ra. Then, there is the Psychiatrist who is supposed to take care of mental health. But I really wonder whether shrinks in Kenya ever get to work. Read: stigma.

Life is a journey. With many milestones and events. Some are pretty. Some are not. Some are extreme. Some are not. Lets think up some unpretty examples, shall we? Parents separate at early age. Get bullied in school. Sexual abuse from a relative-this goes for both boys and girls. Constant criticism from parents. Being the black sheep of the family. Being the dumbest kid in school. Watching parent get killed. Losing a family member or multiple family members. Watching alcoholism ruin your family. Father walks out on kids on one random day leaving kids in the hands of an unemployed mother. Involved in a tragic accident and you are the sole survivor. Lose of spouse. Chronic illness in your family such as alzheimers or cancer. Family feuds: brother turning against brother. Being raised by a step mother. Physical deformity. Married but cannot get children. And the list goes on…

I will desist without further ado, from traumatizing you and making you vow to never visit my blog again. But, you get the picture. The person sitting next to you or even you have gone through this shit. And guess what? When it happens to us, we are told that it’s part of life and this phrase is quickly thrown in there as well: “life goes on”. But no. Life doesn’t freaking go on. Life stops for you. You don’t realize it, but these wounds get etched deep in your soul. These are wounds, that need a doctor, but because they don’t get treated, they start eating you up. Let’s quickly discuss the cat you have at home. We call it domestic because it is tamed. However, and I stand corrected, if this cat is wounded in any way, it becomes a very dangerous animal. This is because it’s first priority becomes protecting itself.

With this/these unresolved issue(s) we continue with the journey of life. What we don’t know (because we are wounded like the cat we just talked about) our first priority becomes protecting ourselves. So we try to find healing in many things: alcohol, food, friends, drugs, gambling, sex, i dare say even church. We do anything to drown this pain. To run from these fears. But to no avail. Then what? We get even more wounded and only God knows how messed up that vicious cycle becomes. While all we need is a doctor.

This is how I have come to look at it. Imagine if your eye suddenly stops seeing, and you did everything but see an optician. You started drinking, or doing every other imagineable thing besides seeing a doctor. This is how I have been acting yet I am “sick” and I need help. I want to talk to someone who is a professional. I want to enjoy the present, cause guess what? Every single one of the wounds that you and I carry are in the PAST. Imagine that. Not in the future, and mostly not in the present. If you are a shrink, or know a good one, my email address is shekynblog@gmail.com. Hit me up.

Yeah, I just said that.

  1. That’s usually the first step of healing; letting it all out!!! I bet you are now on your way to recovery… 🙂

  2. This is why I love you so much girl. People need to talk and let it out. I realized the other day some of the things people (myself included )talk about incidences that are not ok like facts not acknowledging that it is not OK and that it broke us in some way that needs to be healed or bandaged or taken care of till it’s back to new…means that we have broken wounded people hiding behind smiles….who need to get better somehow

    • And I love you right back hun. Let’s get help for issues that bother us. 🙂

    • oh no..its a girl? I thought it was a boy writing this…really good stuff by the way, I enjoyed it all through…

    • nikittacole
    • December 7th, 2010

    I think you write from the heart. How else do you explain my crying midway through reading your blogs. This is soo true. I once needed to see a shrink after a traumatising event and I tried to get the ones provided by our Organization to no avail. It felt like I was crying out for help and no one was responding. But I will get to the bottom of it. Soon.

    • Thanks love. That is the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. The day I will stop writing from my heart, is the day I will quit writing. Let’s get help. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Its funny, cos I came upon this blog while looking for one..its first on google searches..anyway, am glad someone is admitting they need to see a shrink cos most people would laugh and point a finger at people like us, who need help….if you found one, please holla at a girl…

    • Cikuphorey
    • August 10th, 2012

    thanks gal for removing what is in my subconscious mind into light. I am at a point in my life where I have these 5 AMAZING friends who can tell you almost everything going on in my life something that I can’t say about the person I call my best friend. Speaking of which why do we have BFFs and what makes us chose the to be the VIPs in our lives? I have learnt along the way that life happens to all of us and our once very special friends who know every single detail … ( okay, I admit , almost all) of our lives start drifting away, not because they are bad people, but they are at different points of their lives that we cannot connect. So like you gal, I need that shrink so that I am assured that I can enjoy every single moment of my life.

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