Snatched: A Tribute (Part 1)

It was a normal day. Friday, 5th December 2008. Boss lady called me to her office and told me that it was time to take my leave days as the Christmas season was around the corner. The even better news was I could start on Monday, 8th December 2008.

Now I cannot over emphasize how timely this breather was going to be. Firstly, I was on the third month of recovery after a major surgery. Moving around was a huge wow and I used to fantasize every day about getting time off. Secondly, my social life was in a terrible mess. There is being effed up, and there is what my life was at the time. I was going through some really trying times and I was literally on the verge of losing it. I NEEDED this break.

At this time, he and I were not talking to each other. He had told my Dad something that I really didn’t want my Dad to be privy of. And as as a result, we had fallen out. We were sulking at each other because I called him and gave him a serious tongue lashing. It was almost 3 days since we talked. I hadn’t called him to make things right.

This is how we always were. You know the usual sibling rivalry. We have fought many times with my brother. And we have made up even more times. We love each other. The only problem is, we are both very passionate people. But this time, I was on the wrong. Because, given the circumstances, he really had to tell my Dad that story.

So he and my sister hanged out that weekend. And he even spent the week starting 8th December 2008 at my sister’s place. At the said time, I had made alternative accomodation arrangements thanks to my aforementioned recuperation. On top of that, I was doing some work for my aunt, whose deadline was 11th December 2008.

So on this day, exactly two years ago, I woke up in the morning at 10 o’clock. I felt well rested. Happy even. I logged on to FB (I hadn’t discovered the amazing twirrah then) and was busy reading people’s status updates. I came across the status update of one of my longest standing friends, Jed. It read something like: if you know you are not at peace with someone call them and make things right. But we see this stuff all the time, don’t we? So I continued with my day oblivious to this message (that would have changed my life). Please don’t make the same mistake I made.

In the afternoon, my homeboy who lived and worked in Mombasa (he has since moved) called me. He was also on vacation. We had a lengthy conversation about all the horrible things that were happening in my life. I even threw the story about fighting with my brother somewhere in there. After our two hour long conversation (well, almost three hours), he really should have invoiced me for his shrink services I felt light. I lazied around the house and I remember having a pineapple binge.

At 5pm, I got down to doing that job for my auntie. The therapeutic effect of my earlier sharing was short lived because I remember having a really down cast evening that day. I could not place a finger on what was bothering me. Again, something that happens every once in a while.

The days that ensued were the hardest and most traumatizing days of my life. This is the first part of my tribute to my brother who a few days later, started his finally journey on earth.

I light 21 candles to a fallen soldier. RIP.

Yeah, I just said that!

    • nikittacole
    • December 8th, 2010

    Me. Crying as usual. I’m staying tuned.

    • Lol. And you say I’m the one who cries alot? Hehehe. Part two coming up today šŸ™‚

    • nymmoh
    • December 8th, 2010

    very deep, am waiting for part two

  1. 21 gun salute from me.

  2. I’m so sorry. Saddens my heart. *heading to read part two*

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