Guest Post: Rising-A Poem

After he read my last post, Alffie [@Alffie]says that the word “rising” spoke volumes to him as the word came out so profoundly like it had never done before. It is out of this “epiphany” that this poem was inspired.

Alffie is a blogger, you may catch his blog here. Without
further ado, ladies and gentlemen here is it is. Enjoy šŸ™‚


Like the sun in the morning from the East,
to take up my place next to star you call your favorite,
to watch over you & show you the path’s that right!

Like bread from yeast,
to remind you can be the greatest ,
despite you thinking that sometimes you are the least!

Like the eagle,
to remind you you are able,
though life makes you feeble!

Like a rocket aiming high,
to let you know the limit is not the sky,
and if you believe it you can and will fly!

Propelled by your love,
and by His who is above!

So when you think of me don’t weep,
Just look up,
To see me down at you smiling!

That’s why I am..

That is probably what Dandara meant when he said he was “Rising” šŸ™‚ Look out for Part 5 (the tribute finale) coming to a blog near you. Love you guys mad.

Yeah, I just said that.

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