I can’t keep this secret anymore…

When I started blogging, one of the topics I was certain was going to feature on my blog primarily was the gym. 20 posts later, I realize I have done only one… one measly post about the gym. One! What a shame! Or maybe not…

I celebrated one year of going to the gym on Feb 25th, the number of times I absconded not withstanding. I will not bore you with the story of how I started going to the gym. But one day I woke up with a resolve to find something to do after work and the gym was “that thing”. After visiting close to 10 gyms I settled for this one gym. Being the creature of habit I am (by virtue of being a human being) it soon became a routine. Everyday after work, I would spend a minimum of 1 hour at the gym. My social life came to a grinding halt. The only semblance of a social life really was my twitter. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was easy. Most times it was very hard.

My mind (concentration) changed. My heart changed. Most importantly my body changed. Positively. One of my major motivations was how the gym proved to be a safe haven. It was a nice place to hide from the many issues that I was dealing with then. This emotional pain drove the mortar on the determination compartment of my brain. I would run the treadmill for thirty minutes undeterred by the fatigue inflicted upon me by the day’s work. I need to state here, how I’d rather do a hundred crunches than run on the treadmill. So thirty minutes on the treadmill was HUGE for me!

I remember my very first twitter bio. It read “… Gym freak…”. Gym freak I was. Now? Not so much. Actually, since we are on honesty hour, I admit I hate the gym. I dislike it so much. *bows head in shame* My mind no longer looks forward to running on the treadmill. Perhaps because I no longer need the gym to be a safe haven. I have so many friends who I want to meet after work these days. That or I have a really interesting television series I am watching, that after my work at the office is done all I want to do is make a mad dash home. To find out what happened after the episode I watched the previous night. I am so tired these days after work, that sometimes I feel so spent that crawling seems the only way to get home. Most times I wish I could just press a button that would translate me into my bed where I will chew a major black out. Ok, you get the picture.

This is the third week I am missing the gym. I really hope that this is temporary. I called my gym instructor three days ago, to see if they will allow me to go for two weeks (cause I had paid for those two weeks) and he gave me a serious tongue lashing. He was “this” close to telling me to #BeFocused. Hahaha. Oh well. Now, I’m not even seeing why I’m bothering myself so much. I feel like I am going to school on a day when I don’t feel like going to school. And that beats the purpose of growing up. I wanted to grow up so that sometimes I could have a say. Now that I have a say…

Back to the secret I can’t keep. Thing is, I have never needed to go to the gym like I do now. For many reasons. I am de-motivated, my apetite is erratic, plus I am jonesing for a body of a goddess. Why won’t my body just cooperate with my mind? You know realize that it is imperative for every girl to work out. Every day I fail to go, I feel like a failure. Now if there is anything I hate feeling, is feeling like a failure. So I will try find me a new motivation for going to the gym. In this regard, I am now eating my heart out. Read: wolfing. For the rest of this month, I will take a break from gyming and try the see-food diet. When I see food I eat it. Maybe the guilt of my over indulgence will bring back the working out spark.

Being the geniuses you are, I have no doubt that you now know what my secret is. If you don’t know then I guess you are worse than me! On a light note, someone once told me that the treadmill is a weapon of ass reduction. Way things are going, I’m not too sure I want to do that. Go figure. 🙂

Yeah, I just said that!

P.s. I hope to resume the gym in April God willing. *insert prayer here* 🙂

  1. Hey ;

    Dont worry my dear , i am totally with you on this post!mine is running and walking, I used to do it religious but I started a new job last October and gained 4 kgs instantly!!work is unpredictable.After every meal i feel guilty because i fear it will land on my behind that now has a name because its developed a life of its own!!Learning to balance, watch what i eat and you know what lets not derive ourselves of those guilty pleasures once in a while,All the best hope you get time to be a regular at the gym again

    • Hahaha. Yvonne, you are hilarious. I hope you also get time to be regular as well. Keep us posted 🙂

  2. I still havent figured out the secret

    • Seeing as I always came across as someone who loves going to the gym, the secret is I hate the gym.

    • nikittacole
    • March 14th, 2011

    I think I found the perfect solution to my complacency. I’ve been needing a pick me up lately. Something to make me feel good about myself. And the gym sounds promising. You see, I’m a teetotaller. So no booze for me when I’m feeling down. And then I’m agnostic. So I cannot turn to a deity for inspiration. I think I’ve found an answer.

  3. I joined a gym last week. It’s the first time in about 4 years since I’ve been. This weekend was spent on my couch coz i could hardly move. The pain! The agony! Wa! I find it hard to beleive that anyone can love the gym!

    • I think you will actually love the gym. There is this after-work out high one gets after a workout (forget the soreness)… all the best dear. Write soon about it 🙂

  4. Be focused 😀

    • nymmoh
    • March 14th, 2011

    Lets hope you get your kick back to the gym in April.Personally i have been saying for the longest time how i am joining one, but oh well its been only that, talk. I am on my skipping rope once again though since dec, which is good

    • Skipping rope is as good an exercise as any. The beautiful thing is you are consistent. The problem with me, is lack of consistency 😦 All the best hun.

    • nkirdizzle
    • March 15th, 2011

    The fact that you celebrated your one year gym anniversary is a fete in itself, I think you deserve a break, as long as come April you go back to your gyming regime. Once you slack you may never go back.
    But this aint a secret to be ashamed of, some of us have never joined gyms despite the fact that we need it desperately lol

    • True. At least I tried doing one year (with 100 misses in between) #shame. It’s a good thing to exercise mostly because it makes one feel good about themselves. My only problem is, I have lost morale and keep grabbing at any possible excuse to miss the gym. This is why I have decided to sit down with myself and remind myself why I go there in the first place. When you do join, be sure to tell us all about it 🙂

  5. It’s been a loooong while since i did 30 minutes non-stop of exercise and I’m seriously ashamed…You doing gym for an year has challenged me to get off my tush…(Now where did i keep those gym shoes?)

    • Nyambura you better write about it, once you start 🙂

  6. I used to gym a lot..I think two years ago. Reason? I was impressing a boy and for sex. *don’t ask*. Shit went down and I stopped.

    Now, I’ve been trying to get back to it since January this year. Reason? To fit into a certain wedding dress…for an upcoming wedding. Oh and for the evening party dress I’m planning to wear then. Progress? 0%! I’m so screwed.

    • Hahahaha. You know what, you’ve got 1st of April 2011 to start. We can psyche (sp) each other up, yes? All the best girl.

  7. hey there,

    dude, i think u just wanna keep ur balance of social life and diet..i dnt see the practicality of u eating ur heart out..and then working ur ass offf…maybe u just need to realize that you havent achieved ur goal…sometimes when people compliment me, that i have achieved a good body, i start to feel a bit relaxed on ma diet and routine..!! i think it would be best if u would just listen to ur trainer, and not stop gym..

    and once u do achieve a goddess like body…lemme know..cuz its like really far away dudeee..i mean, not that u look bad now, just that it needs alot work for anyone who is not naturally like that to achieve it.

    btw, beats the reason i came to the blog was, that ma social likfe is down the freakin drain..and i have started feeling a bit consious about it.


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