Life’s Little Tests… Of (Wo)men, Apples & Serpents

God created man in his own image. The garden of Eden became man’s abode. God allowed him to eat anything he wanted. Anything. Except to eat from the tree of knowledge (of good and evil). Man met a shrewd serpent. Serpent convinced man that he could be like God, if he ate from the tree of knowledge. Man loved the idea. Man tried to outshine God. Then God decided to remind man, that HE (God) was God. And man has tried to outshine God ever since. And God has reminded man that He is God ever since. Philosophical much?

Allow me to indulge you. Prayer is a beautiful thing. It is how we (man) are able to communicate with God. To worship Him. To praise Him. To make our petitions to Him. Most of us know prayer for this reason. Petitions. So in the process of doing life, many things don’t work out. Sadly these are the times we remember that there is a higher being. Deity. For us Christians. The Trinity. Many have argued that religion is the opium of the people. I have a lot to say about this statement, but that is a blog for another day. I digress. Prayer is not an easy thing, because as we all learn the hard way, the answers vary. Most times God takes time to respond-to man’s mortification.

Thing is we of adamic nature love to have our lives figured out. If we want something, we want it NOW. Instant gratification. You are aware that we are referred to as the microwave generation. So the whole “waiting on God” thing is a tall order. Enter man made solutions. Technology has advanced so much, that man can pretty much do anything, sometimes even going beyond the scope of humanity-trying to be God. Think cloning. Think fringe scientists. While these two are a bit extreme, how about other “fail-proof” methods invented by man, to allow man to solve their own problems, without consulting God as much. Things like bank loans, insurance, dating sites, the titanic? The titanic is my favourite-I can see man building the titanic and thinking better to build a “safe” ship than to pray and ask God for safety when on the ship. All these things are not wrong, only God’s place has to remain.

I don’t think that God envisions us as his minions, or maybe the word should be myrmidon(s) (which carries fearful overtones of ruthlessness and blind obedience). No. I think God would prefer that we obey him out of our own will. Will, you ask? Yes that thing that we got after we ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge. But here is the deal, God will not sit by and watch us play god. Because HE is God. The other day, I subscribed to a certain man-made fail-proof solution that failed face down. Mia culpa. It really was a wake-up call for me. I had my ducks in a row so to speak, but God in his infinite power reminded me, that at the end of the day, His word is final.

Guess what? (I know! I still also like high-fiving) I got vulnerable with God, and God sorted me out. That God answers prayers is not a myth. I testify. So now, kazi kwangu, next time the serpent comes crawling to me with suggestions that are against the word of God, I know what to do. I will scream hysterically, while running in the opposite direction.

Who better to turn to? I’ve got God on speed dial. 🙂

Yeah, I just said that!

  1. Does God know what you’re going to choose given a choice whether to obey Him or not? If he does, then the concept of free will does not exist. If He doesn’t, then is He all knowing?

    • He knows what you will do, but He never forces you to do what He would have preferred that you do. Also please see Mutua Matheka’s comment below.

  2. That is what I call being broken to be made whole again, he lets us face the serpent so that we could learn from the bites and venom!!! Glad your eyes are open now…;-)

    • I like how you put it. I hope the eyes stay open 🙂

    • Zeve
    • March 21st, 2011

    am still stuck at the part where because I ate the fruit… my ramifications were to have pees for the rest of my life!
    And it doesn’t help that my name is Eve either arrrgggg!!
    Back to the for real comment/lesson, be humble at all times so that you can be lifted higher!

    • You Eve!!! All your fault. Now we would be in heaven strolling the gardens of Eden, as we make idle chat with the Lions. *Sigh Humility is that quality every one must desire. Thanks Zeve!

  3. Savvy, I say free will is for you and not for God. The best way I can put it is He gives you a question and gives you the correct answer and still hopes you shall choose the correct answer but often we don’t but He won’t stop you, that, is free will. What you do with it is now your choice.

    I loved reading this

  4. I think that’s the beauty of it; choice and unconditional love. He gives you the freedom to find him, have a relationship with him and even if you choose wrong, he’ll still be there for you. Heart warming read dear.

  5. I don’t like it when God’s will is not in tune with mine. Can I still succeed in my plans even if it’s not God’s will? Or I’m I going to be swallowed by a large whale and puked where I was supposed to be in the first place.

    I used to hate Jonah’s story. I thought it implied that you either do what God says or you do what God says, period. But J, when he was inside the whale’s tummy (eew!!), had a choice. He could have bitched about he’s fucked up situation and died by digestion. But nay, he prayed for forgiveness. And was promptly regurgitated on the beach. I had a similar experience with J. And GOD came through for me.

    So yes. I know I can succeed in my Godless plans. But there is a price!


  6. LOL! I share many of your sentiments it’s even funny. But like you say, if you follow your way, best believe, you gonna pay the price. Let God be God every man a liar. That is all. Thank you for reading… let me head on down to yours. Peace!

    • nymmoh
    • April 3rd, 2011

    My best post of yours so far. Thanks for the reminder. Indeed humanity can never replace God. He makes it all possible, but then again it all depends with where one stands in their faith in Him.

    • Elae
    • June 29th, 2011

    This is so true!!! Esp insurance….we are courting sickness and fire and accidents in the name of insurance while in real sense, we are welcoming the disasters!!

    • Hadn’t looked at it that way Elae, but thanks for the thoughts!

  7. so feel this! in my life I’ve seen God take ages sometimes yet at other times the answer is instant. we love the instant but not the waiting, it sucks and the frustration gets to be too much. we may never get the mind of God ours is simply to trust and obey.

    • One of the harder lessons of life. Patience. But if we got the revelation of how great God is maybe it would be an easier thing to do. To just trust God! *sigh*

    • BloodMoon
    • April 22nd, 2012

    AMEN. who better to turn to? nice read, sombre and sobering!

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