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I haven’t made a blog in over two weeks. *hangs head in shame* I know. I promised to write at least once a week, and there is nothing that breaks my heart more than seeing y’all stopped by (via my blog stats) and found nothing new to read. In my defense I suspected that writer’s block was rearing it’s ugly head, until I discovered that I was suffering from writer’s bloat. So much has been going on and I have like 867 things I want to share with you… Buckle your seat belt, this might be a long read…

I recently completed a three-week exercise that we had in my cell group (no, I’m not affiliated to Al Qaeda) a church thingy. We invited a behavioral expert to come and help discover our personality types. I found out that I am a Choleric. This discovery made me heave a huge sigh of relief because I discovered that I am after all not bipolar , rather a person who behaves the way she does because I was fortunate enough to be born a Choleric. (Sarcasm)

If we are more than acquaintances you are privy to the fact that not everything about me is pretty. My oh-so short temper. My poor anger control methods. You know how my emotions tend to pendulate between high-highs, and extremely low-lows. Why I should legally acquire “cryer” as my middle name. I have the unique ability to turn a rather simple non-issue, into the biggest issue since the world was created. My boyfriend can tell you this for free. No arm-twisting will be necessary 🙂 I am surprised I did not turn out to be an actuarial scientist or something god-awful like that. Other talents include: reading in-between the in-between of the proverbial lines. I am even able to tell you what pen was used to write on the said lines. Why? Just so that I can create a storm. Have you ever watched a flick about someone who gets premonitions of things–a la Final Destination? Sometimes I get the false notion that like these people who see premonitions, I can read “intentions” and “motives” of simple things that are mostly done with no evil intention at all. I inadvertently become an antsy, discombobulated, sad mortal!

Finding out I was Choleric, sort of sent me into the ditch. It only rubber-stamped the fact that this monster of a personality is here to stay. So, I started thinking being an island wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. You know how everyone goes on and on about how no man (or woman in this case) should be an island? That’s because they haven’t been close to me. If you are close to me, you will wish I was an island, and not the hawaiian kind–the kind that many people dream about going to. You’d wish I was an island in the bermuda triangle, go figure 🙂 I really hate how I hurt the people around me, when my unrealistic-choleric-fits cease and I look into the eyes of all the people I hurt so bad, I wish that I was an island. Oooor… when the people around me (the one’s I don’t care so much about) push me up the wall, I want to be an island soooo bad. Because I get such a strong urge to do really mean nasty things to them. Things that would have me sent to Guatanamo Bay (I even envision Obama re-opening the prison just so that the world could teach me a lesson for my heinous crimes).

Then there’s issues of ka-ching! Money issues. Lordy. My finances are in disarray!!! Not even the World Bank can get me out of this financial quagmire. I don’t have loans, I don’t have kids, I haven’t made any extravagant purchases lately, YET there is so much month after my salo. Really? This same Choleric shebeng makes me the kind of person who wants to be self-sufficient. I sat down assessed my budget (yes, I know how to make a budget) and I eliminated all luxuries so that the mulla could be sufficient, but nooooo. That didn’t help. So I am writing this sulking, wondering why money hates me so much and the way I need it so bad 🙂

Personal bias alert! I officially like Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi. Yes, you read right. My Dad forwarded me an email, that was sent to him by one of his scholar friends. My Dad and a group of his scholar friends have a group email thingy they do, where they write really sharp-informative articles on current issues. It was an eye opener. I couldn’t believe the amount of hog-wash the media has fed us with to make us even believe that the said “Libyan-Revolution” is remotely related to what went down in Tunisia and Egypt. Thing is Muammar Gaddafi is the closest any country will ever come to having a model-president. Did you know that almost all Libyan families have a car, a Tv set, food, money (they are better than me!) and their unemployment rate is at a low of 30%? Did you know that these 30% are unemployed because they much rather be supported by family because they detest menial tasks? So hustlers from other parts of Africa go to Libya and grab these jobs. These unemployed Libyans aspire to get fancy jobs such as shop-keeping. I hear it’s the new black those sides of Libya. Guys, which dictators do you know that would allow possession of fire-arms by citizens? Are you kidding me?! Possession of firearms in Libya for army guys and civilians is almost 50 – 50. Imagine! I am done foul-mouthing Gaddafi, and I hope you are too. I just hope that we call all see past the lies being peddled by the West and especially get to know the real intentions of one Nicolas Sarkozy. I’m done!

On a lighter note, have you ever had a really bad day? I mean Michael-Jackson bad! That was my evening yesterday. Nothing (life-threateningly-bad) happened but a series of random unrelated events that occurred ended up making me feeling like this post. [Side bar: I have been reading Allie Brosh, the author of this post. She is amazing!]

I’m bemused. In the midst of all these things (refer to vivid descriptions above) I find so much comfort in knowing there is a wonderful person who never gives up on me. A person who has seen the ugliest things about me, yet he remains steadfast. The person I share the most atrocious stuff with, and we laugh so hard about it (LOL 🙂 ) My life line. He is seraphim, a true gem, the ying to my yang. I salute him.

So my search for a shrink is over, refer to this post. I am now looking for a personality change expert 🙂

Yeah, I just said that!

    • padiofarty
    • April 5th, 2011

    Although I wouldn’t go quite as far as offering your comment “I officially like Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi” at least you have the intelligence to look and reflect on what is going on there and what we (I’m a ‘Limey’ and I think perhaps you might be a ‘Yank’ – hello little sister) are now getting ourselves involved in.

    I am currently watching a BBC interview with Simpson and Gadaffi’s son – Simpson is using typical journalistic terms referring to the Libyan “defector” Musa Cusa (what a great name eh?) and as Simpson puts it “aren’t you worried about the things I IMAGINE he is now telling the British authorities?”

    Where these damn journalists get their god like right to assume and deflect the public’s attention I have no idea and I for one and bloody sick of it. Of course, your CNN is even worse!! However, I infer no animosity to American people or America.

    Do hope your Choleric clears up !!

    • I am sorry I am not a yank. What gave you the impression I was one? I am from Africa, Kenya to be precise. Thank you for reading and for sharing your Limey sentiments 🙂

      If we should be worried about what the Libyan defector Musa Cusa is saying, it will be to the French more than to the British authorities… my two cents.

        • padiofarty
        • April 8th, 2011

        Ms Shekyn,
        How very kind of you to reply. My deepest apologies to you for my rude assumption.

        Kenya is a beautiful country.

        I was there as a child in 1966 on Safari – we shot a Lion called Scarface – we shot it with a Cine Camera – and I have been to several other African Nations – Africa is a lovely continent and the people are generally warm and friendly.

        As to ole Musa Custard – let the Frogs have him – they like eating frogs legs, dont they?

        And guess what, they’re resurrecting Fox Hunting in Libya now – have a look at the video on my recent blog.

        Asante Sana

  1. I loved reading this post. I only know you as an acquaintance so I’ve only seen your nice and sweet side!

    As for Gaddaffi, do you know his army was shooting at demonstrators? In Egypt the army was not shooting at civilians, that is where the difference lies. Gaddaffi may have a good side, but his bad side is now outweighing all the good he’s done so far. He should realize his time is up, 40 years is a long time to be a leader of anything, let alone a country of millions.

    • I am a sweet person. I was just trying to humour y’all 🙂

      About Gaddaffi. According to the article I read the reason why the army was shooting at “Civilians” it is beause the protestors are heavily armed. Remember what I said about Gaddaffi having a policy that allows all to be armed? So it is essentially a battle between those who believe Gaddaffi is doing right by Libya versus those who think he is not. His name is Gerald A. Perreira.

  2. i think im comfortable not being ur acquaintance, i hate people who snap at me for no reason coz i might be tempted to do a karate chop on ur throat to shut u up, otherwise great post

    • You are the kind that I unleash my wrath on. Jokes. I was just trying to humour you people. C’mon!

  3. Was a long read OK but really interesting. Afraid I gotta disagree with you the Colonel. He is no angel. Same goes for the web.

    • Hi Njema. He may be no angel, but he is the devil the Libyans know and one that has done way more good than harm for Libyans.

      The writer of the article I refer to whose name is Gerald A. Perreira is an authority in his right. I did not source this from the random web.

  4. This post made my afternoon,honest and open. So you know when you are MIA on Twitter, i come get updates here.

    • Glad it did. Hehehe. Might be losing my twitter mojo 😦 Always a pleasure seeing you passed by. Peace.

  5. lol, you sound like an interesting character. Yes, interesting 🙂 As for the Libya issue, all i can say is this; we need to be careful not to be distracted by the noise created by the media (which is has it’s good & bad moments) & Gaddaffi’s propaganda machine. When we get down to the bottom of it all, fact still remains that a huuuuge number of Libyan citizens are demonstrating against their Govt and they must have a pretty good reason considering how much Gaddaffi is feared. Demonstrators have been killed by the same govt, and some family members are missing…western powers or not, those are the scary facts.

      • padiofarty
      • April 7th, 2011

      Its an internal problem and we (westerners) shouldnt be involved in the way we currently are – the people of Libya should sort it out.

      Western Democracy does not sit well with all peoples.

      The Libyan rabble are now complaining that the west “isnt bombing enough”

      We should either bomb the bloody place back to the sand or leave it to them to sort out.

      What a bloody farce this whole thing is – Gaddafi will go one way or another and then lets just see what we in the west get – oh boy, just wait !!

    • I have been told once or twice that I am interesting. No, I’m not tooting my own horn 🙂

      Like I said to Savvy above, I really don’t think any life is worth losing. But there is so much behind the scene, it’s just that I didn’t want to comment on the article I read in its entirety. My point really is that Libyans may be demonstrating for other resons but not the same reasons as Egypt and Tunisia. Also the people fighting are NOT (according to said article) the army vs. the civilians. It is people who are pro-Gaddaffi, vs. people who are anti-Gaddaffi.

        • Simon
        • April 9th, 2011

        Gaddaffi lost my respect the day he turned his army on his own people, casually explained it away on state television by saying they were high on drugs supplied by Al-qaeda and then held onto power more tightly. That is no good leader.

        Shekyn, I respect your opinion. My question is how do you explain this opinion to the Libyan citizen right now? Gaddaffi may have been a good leader once and contributed greatly to the standards of living of his people. But are you saying because of that contribution they in turn lost their free will? That it was some sort of barter exchange? Should the Libyan citizen be killed for being Anti-Gaddaffi? And are you saying that a pro-Gaddaffi citizen should be made to pay for supporting him?

        Nyambura has pointed out key points so important yet so subtle in the noise of the Pro Gaddaffi Vs Anti-Gaddaffi wars, they are easily missed.
        1. The Libyan people are sadly the underdogs in all this & yet the focus has shifted from their plight to Gaddaffi Vs the West. 02 power forces that are only looking out for themselves.
        2. Being cautious about the powers that be is smart. Be it the Western Powers, or the ones from the East.They are not saviors.They are business men & power players first.Approach them with the same mentality. But when caution becomes the kind of distrust that clouds your vision, the kind that a sly person can use it to manipulate you to their advantage. Then you’re in trouble.

  6. I love this blog because you are not afraid of relaying your emotions. You write quite well.
    I’m afraid that anyone that does not take you for who you are, with every supposed flaw you or anyone else might perceive you have, does not deserve to be in your life.
    True story.

    • Well said Kevin. What more could I add to this? Thank you for reading.

  7. none of us can be only one personality type. we’re all unique mixtures of all four types. i don’t like putting myself in a box called phlegmatic or whatever. i just am, and me you can’t describe because i am an amorphous enigma that changes just by looking at me acknowledging my awesome presence. i’m done! 🙂

      • padiofarty
      • April 7th, 2011

      WOW – Deep – I dont even know what she said !!!!!

    • I didn’t want to go into why I only disclosed my dorminant personality but because you query, I will now have to say. The exercise that I took discovered that I am in a season of transition, so it was unclear whether my secondary personality is Sanguine or Melancholic. I will have to take the test again after some time.

      I am not putting myself in a box, you missed the point, it was all meant to humour y’all.

      • Methinks you’re cool coz you’re wise enough to be introspective…And oh, you say ‘Temper’ I say ‘Feisty. See? Interesting 🙂

  8. hey. Dont take what i said too seriously. I just like to pontificate n i may come off as…you know, not amiable. Lol

  9. Writers bloat? I like It!1 there is a million things in my writer`s mind waiting to be unleashed, yet they are not…they pile and accumulate to the point where an outsource becomes elusive.Its a sad feeling when there is nothing for folk to read on your blog! I know !

    Secondly, I did not know about this Gaddafi story. Very eye opening ! Oh! how I have been a critic! So he wasn`t lying when he said he loved Libya and could die for it? What are the chances you could email me that piece? Here is my email

    Lastly, I haven`t been able to exactly place my personality but I would like to think that I am a choleric too seeing I possess almost similar attributes. Its not the best thing to have going especially when you unleash -out of the blues- nasty mood swings on unwary friends. Looking for a personality change too! Hala if you get one before me

    ps. did this article have a specific theme…

    Great read

    • Hey Daidey! Lovely to read you here. Would you believe that I have been stalking your blog? No you have no idea! You are completely hilarious :o)

      I am emailing you the Libya story shortly. You will be amazed. But like all these lovely people have said, there are two sides to this issue.

      If you happen to stumble upon a personality-changer, you also better let me know. A toast to Cholerics 😛

  10. @ Simon… Thank you for visiting this blog and for the powerful thoughts you have shared.

  11. Hmmm…really, I think you sound more melancholic than choleric, but…well, the test says it all.
    I didn’t know that about Gaddafi, that’s so cool about the low poverty levels in Libya. Still, there must be a reason why guys are revolting

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