#My5Links: Happy Blog Day :)

I updated my twitter bio the other day. One of the things I said about myself was that I am a renown-procrastinator. Not a good thing to say about one self, but I have inadvertently earned myself this title through time. I was tagged by @Wiselar of the Wiselar Blog here on #My5Links–a swell way to give you my reader an easy navigation through my posts. This was eGichomo’s brain child so to speak as seen here. I should have done this post like 100 weeks ago, but the cool thing is I get to do it today. The even cooler thing is that today is my blog’s 1st Anniversary! Whooop!

My Most Popular Post
Y’all are a bunch of nosy little kiddies. No seriously. Before you give me that “I didnt come to this blog to get insulted look” kindly explain to me how Dear Diary is my most popular post? I know to keep my diary very far from all you bunch. 🙂

Post that Didn’t Get The Attention it Deserved
Though still a fairly new post on my blog, Of Silence and Gold was not read as much as I anticipated. It is a post I did, after a brief hiatus from the blog and one which was quite heart felt.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me
I had a bad nightmare. Hehehe. As if there are good ones. In the height of the emotions I felt the morning after that night, I wrote Was It Just a Dream?! It was one of those posts that you just write off the cuff. I didn’t care about the grammar or the structure, but it continues to get very many hits. Who wouldda thunk? :p

My Most Controversial Post
It’s got to be Of Nudity. Avril. My take. Boy was I passionate on this one?! I maintain, girls, imagine, just imagine, posing nude is soooo NOT fetch!

Post(s) I Am Most Proud Of
My five part tribute to my brother Dandara. Here. I will never be able to say just how therapeutic writing about his last days was. Viewer discretion is advised. For tear jerking and what not 🙂

Would have loved to tag 5 other bloggers, but seems everyone’s been tagged. So I will go on to wish 3 blogs that were started in August a belated Happy Blogging Anniversary. These are: @nkirdizzle her blog here, @wiselar here and @mediaMK here.

It’s been an amazing one year of wearing my feelings on my blog, a welcome break for my sleeve and such like things. Feel free to have black forest cake on my tab. My littu token of appreciation to you.

Yeah, I just said that!

    • daidey
    • August 20th, 2011

    Good job! keep on keeping on!

    • nkirdizzle
    • August 21st, 2011

    Happy blogervesary hun!!! Here’s to many more years of sharing your thoughts and musings with us 🙂
    Thanks for the wishes 🙂

    • Thank you very much. My blog still looks up to yours hun. Mwaaah 🙂

    • eGichomo
    • August 22nd, 2011

    Happy 1st Anniversary!
    A really nice read and I like your links, great blog!

    • Many thanks. And thanks to you for such a great idea mister!

  1. this is great stuff, am insipred to put out my ramblings on blog too..

  2. I should blog my #5 links, soon.

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