Golden Days: A Poem

I DON’T get poetry. Before y’all poetry heads start writing me hate mail, pelt me with stones, then consequently lynch me, allow me to indulge you. I find folk who are into poetry and verse to be quite the deep and cultured folk. I surmise it’s a talent. If that’s the case then, it is possible that when God was apportioning talents and it was my turn, the poetry boat had sailed. Maybe he gave me a talent in prose? I want to get poetry so bad! I have tried a hand in listening to poetry even attending poetry gigs. How I understand it, when poetry is spoken, it becomes spoken word. I know a girl who speaks poetry in such a beautiful way. I even get her.

Jill Scott. If a girl could sang! (no typo) I remember a time when the entire playlist on my phone comprised solely of her music—exclusively. See what I did there? 🙂 Now imagine such awesome music coupled with beautiful poetry, spoken in a way only she can? Somebody say audible heaven?! This morning I was listening to Kem’s Intimacy III Album, and I got to the last song titled Golden Days. As the song carried on, a lady came on and she started to say such beautiful and profound things. Things that were speaking to me. At first, I thought I recognized that voice, only it sounded slightly different. I wasn’t wrong because it was Jill Scott. Please allow me to share the beautiful words she had to recite:

What exactly, my dear, are you clinging to?
Some propaganda stating you’re going as far as you’re going to?
That your skies are finite and limited?
That your growth is an impossible dream,
That your future is inhibited. Oh please!!
They have been shoveling them lies since the 50’s…
Can’t nobody decide what your life can move through!!!
This is YOUR time and YOUR challenge.
What is it that YOU want to do?
Sit and be still and not shine the way your life was meant to????
Oh, I pray that ain’t true!!!! I PRAY that ain’t true!!!!
Oh please, don’t fall into the abyss cause something negative once ruled you. Please!
Understand I’m from where you are and I’ve got to fight my demons too. Please!
Don’t give up because somebody broke your heart or some things fell through…
This is life, you owe it! Life does not owe you!!
An obstacle is a thing that impedes or blocks one’s way,
You can climb over! You can dig under!
You can chip through it! You can go around it!
You can move it! You can ignore it!
But you can do it!
You… CAN … DO… IT!…

Need I say more? That obstacle… now you know what to do with it. Go try this at home!

Yeah, I just said that!

  1. Wow! ‘Getting’ poetry is like getting abstract art- every one reads their own meaning into it- at least largely- and therein lies the trick.

    • Thanks for pointing me in that direction… let’s see how it goes, this getting poetry thing I mean 🙂

        • Willy
        • November 14th, 2011

        My pal Thrifting Diva said it best seems we have similar taste for the good things in life, this blog for example.

        Shekyn, i think we should blame people like Smitta for writing bullshit and christening it poetry. Who said it has to sound like greek to be called poetry?

        I Love your blog gal.

        • Thanks for reading 🙂 Funny, can’t even remember Smitta’s writing style, I don’t read newspapers these days.. Keep it locked.

    • Mukami
    • November 14th, 2011

    Thats a kick ass song…Jill is likey!your blogs are great too.

    • Thanks Mukami! Sometimes I wish I could get everyone to listen to Jill Scott. Be sure to stop by again soon 🙂

  2. I shall ignore the poetry bit and zero in on Kem’s Intimacy III album, isn’t it hot or what! *swoon* 🙂

    • Hahaha. Thank God you heard my plea not to lynch me. It’s a dope album, no kidding!

  3. I used to write poems before I got into music and now I totally don’t get poems anymore.

  1. December 24th, 2011

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