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Take a moment and think about a person that you admire greatly–in the role-model-kind-of-way. Now think back and remember what they attribute their success to. Done? Great. Every single role model that I have had including my father have one thing in common, they love books. I love books too πŸ™‚ My father cultivated a reading culture in me when I was very little, I think I was five years old when I read my first book: Treasure Island. But there is a problem…

I have been having serious battles with myself for not reading as much as I have wanted to. Or more honestly, for not reading at all. Intellectually I grasp the “you have to read widely to be a good writer” concept, but when it comes to actually sitting down and reading, it becomes a completely different story. I’m talking about books by the way. I have no problem reading blogs, Facebook updates, SMS(es), Twitter and road signs. Hehehe. But books? Couldn’t be bothered. Upon a lot of investigation then some, it has finally dawned on me what the problem is. *drumrolls* Television! I absolutely love, I mean LOVE watching TV. Let me narrow it down for you, TV series(es). At any one given time, I have a show that I’m following very closely. Wait, now that I watch this stuff on my laptop, should I say the problem is the laptop?

I grew up in a house that didn’t have a TV. My father knew that TV and books don’t co-exist. However, it was very hard for me to wrap my head around this when I was that little. I know. It totally sucked. I wasn’t a TV addict then because obviously we didn’t have a TV. The problem was dealing with other kids in school who thought the reason we didn’t have a TV was because my folks couldn’t afford it. Amazing the times I grew up in. Those kids spent all their break-times recounting the wonderful things that happened the previous day on their favourite shows. It was painful to sit there without something to say with the child-like excitement that was carried by my counterparts. Needless to say, books became my friends. The entertainment void had to be filled somehow. That was until we grew up and my parents FINALLY bought a TV.

I have two lovely books that I was gifted in the last one month. Yap, two! What are the odds?! I promised to finish one book by the end of January. I really should have clarified which January because this one for 2012 is over and I haven’t finished reading it. I’m now planning to read both books by end of February (I’m hoping the one for 2012) but I will let you know how that goes. The reason I haven’t read these two very lovely books is because I’m watching several shows at the moment but mostly one called “The Good Wife”. It is an amazing show. I absolutely love it! I was told about it by a friend on twitter (@njerynganga) and I can’t wait to tell her just how hooked I am.

Did I tell you that I will be famous this year? I will be. I’m not even going to try and be modest about it. I envision myself standing on the podium receiving my lottery cheque and stuff, looking all awesome and shimmery and things. All my groupies will be present at this auspicious occasion looking at me and fainting with awe. I will then clear my throat to give my speech with exceptional eloquence. I will say many amazing things about how I knew I was going to win the lottery, then I will get to my peroration and proceed to attribute my success to all the amazing TV shows that I watched. History will be made–I will be the first person in the world to mention their love for TV in such an important speech. What will happen next is, people will stop reading books and all electronic shops will report a sharp increase in TV-buying and suddenly the TV will be the most sought-after home appliance?

Seriously though, I have learnt quite a lot of good stuff from the TV shows that I watch. Like books, I take what is good and leave what is bad. If you watch cartoons you will agree with me that many cartoons are adorned with ha-ha(s) and rib-cracking humour–something that I don’t find in many books. So we really should quit having the mentality that the TV (or laptop) is an entirely bad thing.

From watching “The Good Wife” I have imbibed one great lesson. The good wife NEVER leaves her husband no matter what. That is something my future husband will benefit from because I have every intention to be THE GOOD WIFE.

Yeah, I just said that!

Ps. By the way “The Good Wife” is not a chick-flick as some of you may think, it is a fast paced law drama that is absolutely amazing and that y’all should check out. Thank me later.

    • Mad woman
    • February 3rd, 2012

    ah? are u a good wife newbie….tihihi…am saying this because you still believe she wont leave him…..may be, may be not….am on season 3, episode 14. Waiting for episode 15 to air…the plot gets better…wish the series had a book πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha. I know she leaves him. I’m in Sn. 2 Ep. 21 I think. Like I said, pick the good, leave the bad πŸ™‚ Tihihi. A book ey? Go away. :p

  1. Look for Jack Bauer’s new series: Touch.

    That said, I read a lot of books in December (more than 10 classic novels) because we had moved to a new house with no electricity connection yet. But now that my laptop is alive.. don’t know when I shall read again!

    As much as you have learned a lot from watching TV, it’s a passive form of learning, unlike reading where you have to create your own scenes and imagine how the characters look like. With TV, all that has already been done for you. I still think books are better than TV, anytime. TV makes you lazy.

    • Touch only has one episode? It’s quite promising.10 novels?? I wish I could read that much. I’m also caught up in Shekyn troubles…. Too much tv. But like you said, it’s also a form of learning.

  2. Hey Savvy. I always appreciate your comments πŸ™‚ Touch? I’m deffoe gonna look for it. Books are like spinach, they are the right food to eat, yet I admit to eating “junk food” which in this case is Tv. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I also love reading but, unfortunately, i don’t that much. the reason’s the same… favorite genre TV Series (what’s the plural of series; serii or serieses or just series) and a few movies. One thing I do when watching… I listen to the words more closely then I count that as ‘reading’ :p

    • Series? I think. Oh yer. I also get a lot of grammar “tips” from watching stuff on the series and movies. My favorite is British English. So lovely to listen to.

  4. Interesting. Well, I’m a Tv junkie (fyi I’m a hardcore Good wife fan. Don’t you just love Will, Eli & Kalinda?) who happens to read ALOT of books (though I’ve currently slowed down to reading 02 books a week).

    The funny bit is, I’ve discovered some authors, poets, philosophers & fascinating pieces of history & mythology thro’ Tv (i.e Ayn Rand in one tree hill; Rob Thomas in Veronica Mars; John Steinbeck in Friday night lights; discovered F. Nietzsche thro’ criminal minds)…

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