This, That and Everything In Between

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Sometimes I get delusional. I promise I wanted to start this post by writing, “Hi Little Monsters” à la Lady Gaga. Then I remembered I’m not even famous yet. The one thing that acts as a bridge between my otherwise bland life and my celebrity-dom is this blog, and that isn’t going too well. I have been getting a measly twenty hits per day. TWENTY. Insert hysterical sniffs over here.

At the beginning of this year, I promised to write a blog post per week. I’m certain that I have kept this promise except for two isolated occassions (this can be explained by the fact that I’m only human or I was born this way (procrastinator?)). See what I did there? I thought you my dear reader was going to reward me by staning on this blog and coming back here a latte! But neh. I even thought that you would decide to follow my blog so that you would be in the know, but I guess you didn’t get the hint. Y’all just went ahead and abandoned littu old me in monologues. I even got my funny-on but that didn’t work either. World, when I re-read my posts I think, darn! I’m SO funny, but you don’t seem to be thinking the same. All you seem to be doing is giving my blog major side-eyes. What’s a girl supposed to do to get blog followers up in this joint? *pouts* Since I have become so good at this talking to myself thing, I will now just assume I’m updating my diary on the stuff that’s been going in my life. Don’t nobody call me needy right now 🙂

I love concerts. I live for concerts. Nah. I’m kidding. But every time I go for a concert, my spirits are elated in a way I can’t even begin to describe. Simply put, I LOVE music. This past Friday I went for Bengenge–by the Villager’s Band. It was such a treat! It started off with a performance by Christine-The Jazzist and her band. She (they) was amazing. Mind boggling Jazz music I tellyah. I loved it. I’m not sure I can call them the curtain raising act, but after their performance the Villager’s Band came on and it was electric! Eh. Pure awesomeness. I was sitting there thinking, “it can’t get better than this”. I was wrong.

Chris Adwar, the lead singer of the Villager’s Band, then informed us that he was going to change things up a little bit. He got off the keyboard and invited the legendary Aaron Rimbui to play. As soon as Aaron started playing the keys, Chris belted out the lovely tune “Someday” as he walked around looking for a lady in the crowd that he could sing to. He picked one lady from the crowd, brought her on stage with him and he began singing to her. The lady played the part. She blushed and giggled as he sang to her. Theeeeeen… when they came to the final part of the song, he tied a long string to her ring finger and moved away from her so that he could get to the edge of the string. Just as he was getting to the edge of the string, we sat up. We saw a “mysterious” guy get on stage. He took the edge of the string and tied “something” to the edge of the string. Turns out he was this lady’s boyfriend. HE WAS PROPOSING! He went down on one knee and he proposed to her with a poem. She said YES. It was magical to say the least.

This past week I found myself in a precarious situation. There is a group of people that I have entrusted a certain facet of my life with and they are not doing right by me. My relationship with these people has been one characterized by lies and a lot of other inconsistencies. I feel like I don’t have a choice in this matter and that my options with these people are limited if not none. There is nothing like not having a choice in life. I’m learning to take responsibility for the events in my life and most importantly to use that very important muscle in my will called choice. I will not blame you if you didn’t get a thing from this paragraph. I do not have the liberty to make it more explicit than this.

That aside, I have started a self-awareness journey. I have been on a quest to find answers to many things about my life. About who I really am. What I like. Why I respond to issues the way that I do. I’m so excited because slowly by slowly, the pieces to this great puzzle are starting to come together and I can see more clearly now.

The moral of this story is: have you followed my blog?

I just said that!

  1. This here might help you in your self awareness quest.

    Never worry about blog stats. Seriously don’t.

    • Thanks so much Shiko. If you say it, I will believe it. Because I know that you have done this thing for way longer than I have. Bless.

      • Look at it this way, where else can you gather a group of 20 plus every time you wish to and give them your story? See? 20 also is impressive. So long as your blog is not commercial, you’re good.

        I have both a tight bunch and good numbers on the stats but if ever I had to chose, I’d pick the tight bunch of few.

        • Well put 🙂 Plus worrying too much about hits can mess your writing esp when you’re busy writing for the stats instead of just writing from the gut & having fun with it…

          The most fun I have while blogging (other the writing itself) is encountering the people who honor me by leaving their thoughts on their posts…it leaves me all curious, wondering what kind of people they are, what they love, read, hate & dream of…what makes them laugh…and the super cool bit; they broaden my way of seeing things….

          • Nyambura, the lesson I learn is to stop being a ghost reader and comment more often so that I may encourage other bloggers.

        • I totally hear you. Thank God I said it out loud, so that I could get over it and move on.

          • Oh dear. I think I muddled myself up 😦 Actually what I meant was, it’s more fun interacting with those who comment on your blogposts than keeping track of stats. Sorry, I do tend to drone…

            • No problem girl. Still both points are good and important 🙂

    • :o)

  2. hey. i also watched the villagers – their concert late last year at the same venue – and had a total ball too. self-awareness is a wonderful journey… definately share how that process is going. thanks for writing and keep at it. i am subscribed and will receive an email with every great new post!

    • Hey Mutheu. Thanks so much for subscribing earlier yesterday 🙂 I was so encouraged especially because I was working on this post. I think I was also at the concert that you refer to. Peace and blessings x

    • Nymmoh
    • March 5th, 2012

    I am here to stay. I always pass by, and catch up however late I might be.

    • Awww thanks hun xoxo! I know I can always count on you.

    • Willy
    • March 5th, 2012

    I’m one of the faithful twenty. I’m always here week in and week out and i never miss a post. As long as you keep writing as beautifully as you do, i’ll keeping on coming back.

    Don’t worry about the stats, just keep on doing your thang and with time you’ll have more followers than you thought it was possible.

    • Actually come to think of it, same thing happened to my twitter. When I stopped fussing about the number of followers I had, the numbers grew exponentially. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate.

    • shuhhy
    • March 6th, 2012

    Yes, its always a good feeling when i get that email n your stories are inspirational. God Bless

  3. The villagers band is awesome! And I’m one of those 20 subscribers… 🙂

    Good luck with your discovery journey! I got lost somewhere along mine.

    • Yaaay. *Ends pity party* 🙂 Did you go the discovery journey by yourself or did you get some help? I have a coach 🙂

  4. And now you have your 21st reader. 🙂

  5. Ah…the self discovery journey.

    I stumbled onto self discovery work accidentally last year. It’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since…learning to go beyond reasonable. I think I’m inspired to do a post on this on my fairly defunct blog. An update on the journey thus far.

    I know the music scene in Kenya is pretty amazing right now. I’ve been wondering what it will take to take it to the next level…where I know on a weekly basis I can go to some spot and catch amazing acts. May it happen soon.

    Thanks for sharing missy.

    • Ah. It should be self-discovery journey not self-awareness journey.

      I bet you are loving your journey. I think that every human should take this journey.

      Thanks for reading.

  6. May I whisper this to you, that technology is such that some of your visitors come by ever so quietly read your blog and depart leaving no footprints, hit counts or any other sign that there were here. for all practical purposes they are invisible. Out in the fields we sheep have such browsers on our computers and.. I believe that one day there will be such software in human browsers. I just love the title of this blog

    • Mad Woman
    • March 9th, 2012

    I am here everyday. Praying that you post something! When there is no post. I cry and ask for my mommy! I settle for a pout and the the hope that when you finally post, Its will be worth the wait.

    • Hi Mad Lady, you are hilarious. Starting from your name. Hallo, there’s something new to read today 🙂 Hope you like it.

  7. I have to say that I get a lot from that paragraph, a lot ;). Sometimes making some choices may seem difficult but at some point, it’s got to be done if only for self-preservation.

    You shouldn’t really worry about the stats but let’s admit that getting a lot of hits does something for the ‘blog-ego’ ;). I agree with your point re cutting down on ghost reading.

    Thanks for subscribing to Project 44 and I hope we are among the 20, if not, then we’re number 22. Bless!

    • I agree. There comes a time when tough decisions have to be made. Let’s see when that shall be.

      You have a lovely blog. Shall drop my ghost reading ways and say something once in a while 🙂

    • Mo
    • March 10th, 2012

    I check in at least once a week, nothing more to add to the wise counsel that has been shared by Shiko and Nyambura.

    Keep writing, love. 🙂

    • Will do. Thanks Mo. Meanwhile, you stopped writing why? Almost one year now man! 😦

    • BloodMoon
    • April 22nd, 2012

    hmmm. you sound consfued. nice blog, jus recently stumbled on it n i like. yep, i just said that!

    • The Setta
    • May 3rd, 2012

    20 hits? and here you have 32 comments. Some of us rejoice over 10.. there’s a blessing in 20

    • You are right. I appreciate my faithful readers, who like you say are not exactly 20. Thanks for stopping by and for following the blog. Peace.

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