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This, That and Everything In Between

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Sometimes I get delusional. I promise I wanted to start this post by writing, “Hi Little Monsters” à la Lady Gaga. Then I remembered I’m not even famous yet. The one thing that acts as a bridge between my otherwise bland life and my celebrity-dom is this blog, and that isn’t going too well. I have been getting a measly twenty hits per day. TWENTY. Insert hysterical sniffs over here. Continue reading

Apple Trees…

We woke up to the very sad news of Steve Jobs’ demise after he lost a long battle to pancreatic cancer. If you are just reading about this now, you can find that story here. Steve Jobs was the mastermind behind Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes. As is the custom when someone dies, I wanted to read anything and everything about Steve Jobs. His Stanford University Commencement Speech was outstanding, I think it deserves a notable mention. Everything he said on this speech was mind blowing but what stood out for me was this: Continue reading

Just lost my blogirnity…

Call me a late bloomer. I JUST lost my blogging virginity! Well, not really. I have written countless blogs in my mind. But today, I kicked procrastination in the gut, and decided today was gonna be the day. **Notes date on diary**

The moment I logged on to, I discovered I knew zilch about zilch. But that discovery was not gonna deter me from putting my thoughts on this blog. Then I remembered, my first computer lesson. I was completely not getting it. And Lord! My teacher was not helping matters. He made me feel like the slowest of the slow. Continue reading