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I can’t keep this secret anymore…

When I started blogging, one of the topics I was certain was going to feature on my blog primarily was the gym. 20 posts later, I realize I have done only one… one measly post about the gym. One! What a shame! Or maybe not…

I celebrated one year of going to the gym on Feb 25th, the number of times I absconded not withstanding. I will not bore you with the story of how I started going to the gym. But one day I woke up with a resolve to find something to do after work and the gym was “that thing”. After visiting close to 10 gyms I settled for this one gym. Being the creature of habit I am (by virtue of being a human being) it soon became a routine. Everyday after work, I would spend a minimum of 1 hour at the gym. My social life came to a grinding halt. The only semblance of a social life really was my twitter. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was easy. Most times it was very hard. Continue reading


Gimme some bootay ;)

Every body wants to be skinny. Scratch that. Every white folk, wants to be skinny. You already know that. But not us black folk. Women with big err… dash-boards and big err… back sides are glorified everyday. In music videos, on billboards, magazines. So where does this leave us, the girls who are not well endowed in either departments? Continue reading