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Golden Days: A Poem

I DON’T get poetry. Before y’all poetry heads start writing me hate mail, pelt me with stones, then consequently lynch me, allow me to indulge you. I find folk who are into poetry and verse to be quite the deep and cultured folk. I surmise it’s a talent. If that’s the case then, it is possible that when God was apportioning talents and it was my turn, the poetry boat had sailed. Maybe he gave me a talent in prose? I want to get poetry so bad! I have tried a hand in listening to poetry even attending poetry gigs. How I understand it, when poetry is spoken, it becomes spoken word. I know a girl who speaks poetry in such a beautiful way. I even get her. Continue reading

Eet: Like forgetting the words to your fav song :-|

The other day I was flipping through the channelsĀ and I landed on a young footballer making a rather interesting comment on an interview. He said the day that he was born, he didn’t cry out for his ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ (as is typical of babies) rather he cried for a football. That evening, I saw passion.

Like you, the first thought that crossed my mind was, what is my REAL passion in life. Let’s go back to the days when we were kids. Every time we went to any social gatherings, the first thing I would be asked is what position was I in my exams. Then the question that always followed this question was, “what do you want do when you grow up?” Boy oh boy. Did my responses in this regard vary! I will not bore you with my inconsistencies where my dream careers are concerned. But. I will share with you what has never changed. My love for music. If we have interacted even slightly, say on twitter, or even sat next to each other in a matatu that was playing music, you know that I love music. My love for music started when I was such a little girl. The first song I knew, like by heart, was Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”. My classmates were so surprised that I could carry the whole song to the end, that they asked me to write the lyrics for them. That is how I created the “music book”. You know the “music book”! šŸ˜€ Continue reading