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Books vs Television…

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Take a moment and think about a person that you admire greatly–in the role-model-kind-of-way. Now think back and remember what they attribute their success to. Done? Great. Every single role model that I have had including my father have one thing in common, they love books. I love books too 🙂 My father cultivated a reading culture in me when I was very little, I think I was five years old when I read my first book: Treasure Island. But there is a problem… Continue reading


My Story: Of Blood Donors & Life Saving

December is upon us again. Woop! I always say December is the Friday of months. TGID 🙂 Every single day in December always feels so holiday-like and the pressure that one feels through out the year tends to subside. It is usually a month of celebration in my family because both my siblings and my nephew were born in December. And what do you know, thee boyfriend was also born in December. *giggles* Throw in some Jamhuri Day, Christmas day and Boxing Day and you have seven days of celebrations. That’s before we even count the eves, hehehe. Continue reading

Twitter: If I Knew Then, What I Know Now…

I joined Twitter on 22nd April 2009. Facebook was all the rave back then but I had this friend who couldn’t stop talking about “Twitter”. I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone would want to join another social network when Facebook was “IT”. So one day, this friend of mine made me promise that I would join Twitter on that particular day—even if I wouldn’t be active—then I thought, what the heck! I obliged. Fast forward to February 2010, I NEEDED to leave Facebook. This need to leave Facebook was up there with food, clothes and shelter. So I left Facebook. With no place to write my thoughts anymore, a void was created and that is when I got my aha! moment, I remembered my Twitter account and knew it was time to acquaint myself with it. Continue reading

Of Nudity. Avril. My take.

Did you catch Churchill Live the other day, when he had Avril and Marya on? I did. I’m that chick who is an out of the closet Genge fan. Before watching that show that day, I had always found Marya to be the hotter one between the two. But I changed my mind. Avril was sharp, intelligent and witty on the show. I found her elloquence quite attractive and I was impressed that she was tight with her folks eliminating any possibilities of daddy issues on her part. Continue reading