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My Best 12 of 2012

Today, I promised myself that I would write something for my blog. The first thing that came to mind–that I could write about, was what 12 things happened in 2012? I had completely forgotten that I did such a post in 2010! I must say that 2012 was one TOUGH year. But in the spirit of Christmas and good cheer, I will count the things that made 2012, oh! so much better.

Image courtesy Google Images

Image courtesy Google Images

1. YouTube

No. I did not discover YouTube in 2012. But, I discovered YouTube Fashionistas and Make-up Vlogs in 2012. My goodness! It’s like this was the piece of puzzle that was waiting to complete my fashion quest. Of notable mention is Brit Pop Princess and Shirley B. Eniang. Their British accents are to die for! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Continue reading


This and That… Random Ramblings & Musings

I haven’t made a blog in over two weeks. *hangs head in shame* I know. I promised to write at least once a week, and there is nothing that breaks my heart more than seeing y’all stopped by (via my blog stats) and found nothing new to read. In my defense I suspected that writer’s block was rearing it’s ugly head, until I discovered that I was suffering from writer’s bloat. So much has been going on and I have like 867 things I want to share with you… Buckle your seat belt, this might be a long read… Continue reading

Gracias Por Estar Cerca…

That’s my lil fancy way of saying, thank you my dear reader for staying close. I am so touched by the love and support you have shown for this blog. Every single one of you that has stopped by and taken time to read.

When I started writing my five-part tribute to my departed brother, I wasn’t sure how it was going to be received because it was not your usual post adorned with hilarity nor one with pointers on how to have the best relationship around. I realize those are the most read ones. My feeling is that the world is sad enough without us going around looking for sad things to read, no? My tribute was inspired by a certain mother whose blog is sorely about the death of her teenage-son. How he was cremated… I will admit (while bowing my head in shame) that the most I did was read two posts. I was overwhelmed with emotion and I conveniently forgot the address to her blog. That was some sad shii, no kidding. A very big thank you to every one who followed the tribute. You are probably stronger than I am. Every little message of sympathy/empathy (as the case may be) that you sent my way, was received with immeasurable gratitude. Continue reading

My 12 Days of Christmas…

Ok guys. I realize the last few posts have been a bit heavy. So to balance things out, I decided to write something random, useless, flambo, my thoughts. Let’s assume I am doodling on my blog. Seeing as it’s the end of the year, I decided to share the 12 most wonderful things that happened to me in 2010. On a light note ๐Ÿ˜€

On the 1st day… Valentines’ Day (The Movie)

I know. Everyone hated on this movie, but this movie was the first wonderful thing that happened to me this year.
It premiered on Valentines’ Day, the same day I watched it. The reason it goes into my chronicles is because it was the precursor to the events that led to an amazing life long decision. A decision I made on the same day. Continue reading

I Need A Shrink…

… and so do you. You are laughing? I’m as serious as a grand mother with a heart attack. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me indulge you give me 5 minutes or less of your time and I promise to tell you why you and I need to see a shrink.

You are brushing your teeth whenever, then you notice that you are bleeding, what will be your first thought? You need to see a Dentist, right? Notice, I said Dentist not doctor. There is virtually a doctor for every type of condition or ailment. Of course you already know that from the countless times you answered such questions in your English or was it Science exams in the past. An Optometrist/Optician is the doctor who takes care of your eyes. A Pediatrician is a doctor who takes care of kids. Et ce te ra. Then, there is the Psychiatrist who is supposed to take care of mental health. But I really wonder whether shrinks in Kenya ever get to work. Read: stigma. Continue reading