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Not So Express—The Supermarket Edition

I hate shopping. Nay, I detest shopping. Know how everyone assumes all girls love shopping? Not me. It is definitely not one of those things you can stereotype me on as a female. When I go to the supermarket, I know what I want and most times I even know the lane I will find it in. I pick it up and make a beeline to the first free cashier I spot. I live with my sister, so most times I let her do the bulk shopping. So if I go to the supermarket I will usually be there to buy not more than five items. Enter the Express Counter. When supermarkets in Kenya introduced the Express Counter, I knew there was a God. This meant I didn’t have to stand in line to watch rich housewives with two huge shopping carts pay for their extravagant wares. But wait. Continue reading


Was It Just a Dream?!

Last night I had the worst nightmare(s) in the history of nightmares. Apparently I am not in good terms with the “fairy-of-sweet-dreams”. Why? I don’t know. My sleep was adorned with a series of four very very bad dreams. Too much for any one person on one night, right? A side bar to the fairy-of-sweet-dreams: can we take this outside?! Continue reading

Why won’t this wretched cat stop chasing me?

I am so tired. Knackered even. I am short of breathe and gasping for air type-of-tired. Exhausted. It feels like I have been running all day (all the time these days) a la Jerry of the Tom and Jerry fame. The rat race has exhausted me, and I want to know who moved my cheese.

Allow me to digress for a littu bit. I love cartoons, though for someone saying they love cartoons, I have really neglected them. I once watched an amazing episode of Tom and Jerry where Jerry had gone on vacation in France. So he was lying somewhere on the beach and there was this cute little female rat (clad in a sexy bikini suit, complete with mind blowing stunnaz) that would get his orders by asking, “Bonjour Monsieur Jerry… ” in the cutest French accent ever! Continue reading

5 days into it…

So it’s the new year and everyone is so excited and yappy and giddy and jumpy and making new resolutions and waaaaaaay to animated for my liking, and me? I have this blank look on my face that I’m hoping will disappear sooner than later. Continue reading