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The Coexistence of Smiles and Demons?

“Treachery works under a mask, covering in smiles and affability a native semblance which, if openly adopted, would lead to prevention”

“Behind this smile is everything you’ll never understand”

“O, then by day where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough, to mask thy monstrous visage? Seek none conspiracy; Hide it in smiles and affability”

“And some that smile…have in their hearts…millions of mischiefs”
~ Quotes by Shakespeare Continue reading


Valentine’s Day: The Greatest Love of All

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Is it just me or is everyone not celebrating Valentine’s Day these days? A trend? I’m not sure. Every one has their reasons for not celebrating Val’s. Mine? We agreed to love each other through out the year as opposed to being mean to each other all year long and spending thousands of shillings on each other on just one day–14th of February. I think the idea behind Valentine’s Day is really a noble one. It is a day to celebrate love. Continue reading

When Love Becomes Tragic…

I love stories. Reading them. Listening to them. Telling them. Heck, even eavesdropping on them. The jury is still out on whether I am a good listener, but I can tell you for free that I derive a lot of pleasure in telling stories. I get a high, sort of like a superstar moment. You know how everyone keeps quiet to listen to your animated tale as you narrate it, then when you get to your punch line, they all burst out in laughter? You do? Super! Those are the kinda moments my mind replays over and over with glee. Some stories are good. Others are bad. Others are *really* bad—like the one that happened last Saturday. Continue reading

Back Up Plan? No. Thank you.

I recently discovered that even boy’s hearts get broken. Imagine. In my girlish ignorant bliss I was certain that everything else in this world (including non-living things) hurt except boys.

So. I have these two friends of mine. Boys. They are kinda sorta going through the same thing. Friend No. 1 met this chick and he was over the moon about her. She was smart, intelligent, witty, independent, a Christian. Every thing he wanted in a woman was encased in this girl. He unleashed the romantic dragon in him and spoiled her rotten, he tells me. He did everything contained in “what-every-girl-dies-for-her-man-to-do-for-her” handbook. It was so serious, that everytime we talked, he did ALL the talking. He was bubbling with incomprehensible joy. Continue reading