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Mourning: When it Hurts So Bad!

Amunga F. Baby!

Every time I come to write on my blog, I feel different. Sometimes I feel like a superstar, sometimes I feel like a proud aunt, sometimes I feel like a tour guide but today I feel like a politician. I feel like a politician because this is the one place I come once in a while–not as regularly as I should. This is the place that I make promises that I don’t keep. One such promise is the promise to post regularly. God knows my heart desires to do so, but life happens.

From reading my blog you may know that I have had my fair share of “life happens”. I come from a very small family comprising of my Dad, Mum, Me, My sister and My brother. I lost my Mum and I also lost my brother. When such things happen to you, you see life differently. So, growing up I didn’t see the need to do many things that people do. I couldn’t be bothered to party a lot, I didn’t have the time to be in relationships because I kept thinking there is more to life. If I thought something was vain, I did not give it another second of my time. I found myself gravitating more towards making meaningful relationships with people. People that were there for me when I was going through these tough seasons. That was my thing. And loving my family like it was the last thing I had.

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Stacy: A Story About a Mother (A Tribute)

It was our absolute first time to use public transport without the supervision of our parents. Our friend Kate had a friend who had lost her father, and she requested our company to visit her friend so she could offer her sympathies. Knowing Mum would be back much later we gladly obliged. The trip to Kate’s friend’s house was uneventful and after visiting her friend, my sister and I were confident we had done our good deed for the day.

On our way back we hopped on to the latest matatu—the kind that Mum would never agree to boarding because such matatus had the tendency to play loud music and had rowdy youths inside. But today it was different, WE were the shot-callers. As we were searching for a spot to sit, I felt someone tag at my hand. It was my Uncle—my mother’s brother. He didn’t live around, which meant he was on this matatu heading home—our home. Somebody say busted? I quickly composed myself and rumbled on about how we were responsible children who knew how to visit other children who had lost their parents, only coming short of expressly requesting him not to tell Mum about this very awkward encounter. Continue reading

Was It Just a Dream?!

Last night I had the worst nightmare(s) in the history of nightmares. Apparently I am not in good terms with the “fairy-of-sweet-dreams”. Why? I don’t know. My sleep was adorned with a series of four very very bad dreams. Too much for any one person on one night, right? A side bar to the fairy-of-sweet-dreams: can we take this outside?! Continue reading

Sting? A Tribute: The Finale (Part 5)

1st January 2009. Woke up ready to go to hospital and visit Dandara. We exchanged Happy New Year greetings. Little did we know what had transpired the previous night. My Dad called all of us to the sitting room. Without any decorum, he informed us that Dandara had passed on the previous night at 19.00hrs. The world stopped. That instance, the very moment he said it, I lost a part of me. Thinking someone will die, and that person dying is two completely different things. Death has such a finality to it that is more cruel than ten Hitlers. Even 1,000 Hitlers. Continue reading

Guest Post: Rising-A Poem

After he read my last post, Alffie [@Alffie]says that the word “rising” spoke volumes to him as the word came out so profoundly like it had never done before. It is out of this “epiphany” that this poem was inspired.

Alffie is a blogger, you may catch his blog here. Without
further ado, ladies and gentlemen here is it is. Enjoy 🙂


Like the sun in the morning from the East,
to take up my place next to star you call your favorite,
to watch over you & show you the path’s that right! Continue reading

Soaring: A Tribute (Part 4)

Slightly before Chrismas Day 2008, the doctors put Dandara on about two rounds of chemotherapy to clear the cancer in his lungs. After every round of chemo the doctors would do an x-ray and each time the x-rays returned better and better results, atleast that is what they told us. So we went for our usual doctors’ briefings and the doctor informed us they would start weaning Dandara from the ventilator. Continue reading

Survivor: A Tribute (Part 3)

The following events took place between the morning of 12th December 2008 and 21st December 2008. I will be honest and tell you that I do not have the precise dates for most of the events that I narrate on this post. Sometimes I wish I kept a journal, sometimes I’m glad I did not. For human beings to survive, and remain sane the mind has a self-healing mechanism that deletes extremely painful memories, well atleast the exactitude. Hence I will share these events the way I remember them sans the dates. Continue reading