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A Tale About Green Things, “Joblessness” & Lovely Neighbours

I resigned from work. I really would have wanted to say, “I quit!” (with rolling eyes for effect) except I’m no quitter. So, resigned it is. I did not resign because I got greener pastures, or a green card, or anything green for that matter, not even bountiful dollars! I resigned because I knew it was time to turn over a new green leaf.  Continue reading


Of Editors Being Edited: A Story About My Dad

It was a Thursday. I hated Thursdays because with them came Sports Day, or more specifically Sports (Half) Day. This is because Sports Day happened in the afternoon between 2pm and 5pm. I hated anything and everything Sport Day represented. From being made to run round the pitch 67 times, in a pitch that had long grass to sitting in the sun for three straight hours. All that may sound normal to you Olympic fans except I had recurring Bronchitis growing up, the long grass made my legs so itchy, and sitting in the sun for three hours wasn’t something I considered sun-bathing. Also, the grass was rumored to be heavily infested with snakes. You already know that I hate, nay, detest snakes. Get the picture? Good. Continue reading

The One About Returning and A Place Called Kichakani

Hey good people! This is the first time I have started a blog by greeting you my Reader. It’s because after a two month blogging hiatus, I feel like it would be rude to walk in here as if two months of not posting didn’t happen. That, and also my parents taught me better. Hope y’all have been well? I know I’ve been! Can I scream here? Wuuuuuh!!! It is so good to be back. I feel a million tonnes lighter. I’m literally jumping off the walls (yes, murasta I jacked your line, shoot me?). Life is good people.

I finally completed my self awareness journey. I have never been more proud of myself. I’m so glad I didn’t quit when the going got tough, so glad that I put in the amount of work that I did to deal with my baggage, because it was worth it. All the tears I shed, all the pain I felt during the process was such a little price to pay. It was TOTALLY worth it. I have so many stories from this process that I will be sharing here, so you definitely wanna keep it locked.

Last time we talked here, I told you I was smelling a getaway. It happened! I went to this amazing little get-away place in Gilgil called Kichakani and it was completely breathtaking.

Continue reading

My Personal Safari…(Update)

I finally embarked on my self-discovery journey. Hoorah! NOT. No one could have prepared me enough for it. My coach warned me severally that this process would be an involving even intense one. I didn’t realize how ill prepared I was for it. Continue reading

Five Otherwise “Normal” Things That Stupefy Me With Fear x_x

This may be the first post that I have written that will leave me with zero street-cred. Maybe not. But for the sake of your entertainment or consolation, I thought up five things that are deemed to be normal that completely freak me out. No, this is not about creepy crawlies–you know snakes and their relatives? Well, here goes: Continue reading

#My5Links: Happy Blog Day :)

I updated my twitter bio the other day. One of the things I said about myself was that I am a renown-procrastinator. Not a good thing to say about one self, but I have inadvertently earned myself this title through time. I was tagged by @Wiselar of the Wiselar Blog here on #My5Links–a swell way to give you my reader an easy navigation through my posts. This was eGichomo’s brain child so to speak as seen here. I should have done this post like 100 weeks ago, but the cool thing is I get to do it today. The even cooler thing is that today is my blog’s 1st Anniversary! Whooop! Continue reading

Toot Toot. iGot an Award :)

So! I got tagged by these three amazing bloggers: @wakarima here, @nkirdizzle here and @babybeaau here whom I would like to thank vehemently. Here’s how this “game” (wait, is it a game?) is played.
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