Buffday Bucket List

There are hundreds of things that I want to do before I die. Today, on my birthday, I wrote down the top ten. My bucket-list, if you please. [Disclaimer: they are in no particular order] Continue reading


Letter to 13 year old me

Hey miss thang. Congratulations! You made it to class 8G. The class of the brights. But between you and me, Dad wasn’t too pleased that you were in position 21/126. He expected better. *Shrugs.

In a few months time, you will go to high school. You know your father ain’t the type to call in favours from friends. So you better work that tiny ass of yours real hard so as to qualify entry to a good high school. From where I’m sitted, I can see that you will have to choose between St. Gee and Pangoe. Please don’t go to Pangoe. It’s a sh*t hole! 😛 Continue reading

Just lost my blogirnity…

Call me a late bloomer. I JUST lost my blogging virginity! Well, not really. I have written countless blogs in my mind. But today, I kicked procrastination in the gut, and decided today was gonna be the day. **Notes date on diary**

The moment I logged on to wordpress.com, I discovered I knew zilch about zilch. But that discovery was not gonna deter me from putting my thoughts on this blog. Then I remembered, my first computer lesson. I was completely not getting it. And Lord! My teacher was not helping matters. He made me feel like the slowest of the slow. Continue reading