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My Best 12 of 2012

Today, I promised myself that I would write something for my blog. The first thing that came to mind–that I could write about, was what 12 things happened in 2012? I had completely forgotten that I did such a post in 2010! I must say that 2012 was one TOUGH year. But in the spirit of Christmas and good cheer, I will count the things that made 2012, oh! so much better.

Image courtesy Google Images

Image courtesy Google Images

1. YouTube

No. I did not discover YouTube in 2012. But, I discovered YouTube Fashionistas and Make-up Vlogs in 2012. My goodness! It’s like this was the piece of puzzle that was waiting to complete my fashion quest. Of notable mention is Brit Pop Princess and Shirley B. Eniang. Their British accents are to die for! 🙂  Continue reading