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Of Editors Being Edited: A Story About My Dad

It was a Thursday. I hated Thursdays because with them came Sports Day, or more specifically Sports (Half) Day. This is because Sports Day happened in the afternoon between 2pm and 5pm. I hated anything and everything Sport Day represented. From being made to run round the pitch 67 times, in a pitch that had long grass to sitting in the sun for three straight hours. All that may sound normal to you Olympic fans except I had recurring Bronchitis growing up, the long grass made my legs so itchy, and sitting in the sun for three hours wasn’t something I considered sun-bathing. Also, the grass was rumored to be heavily infested with snakes. You already know that I hate, nay, detest snakes. Get the picture? Good. Continue reading

Was It Just a Dream?!

Last night I had the worst nightmare(s) in the history of nightmares. Apparently I am not in good terms with the “fairy-of-sweet-dreams”. Why? I don’t know. My sleep was adorned with a series of four very very bad dreams. Too much for any one person on one night, right? A side bar to the fairy-of-sweet-dreams: can we take this outside?! Continue reading