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My Story: Of Blood Donors & Life Saving

December is upon us again. Woop! I always say December is the Friday of months. TGID 🙂 Every single day in December always feels so holiday-like and the pressure that one feels through out the year tends to subside. It is usually a month of celebration in my family because both my siblings and my nephew were born in December. And what do you know, thee boyfriend was also born in December. *giggles* Throw in some Jamhuri Day, Christmas day and Boxing Day and you have seven days of celebrations. That’s before we even count the eves, hehehe. Continue reading

Sinking: A Tribute (Part 2)

Woke up very early. Thursday, 11th December 2008. Today was the deadline to finish that work, you know, the one I was doing for my aunt. What is that law that makes the ink catridge get finished the time you want to beat a deadline? Or power to go off, when you need to do some work? That is the law that was in effect that morning. Continue reading