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A Tale About Green Things, “Joblessness” & Lovely Neighbours

I resigned from work. I really would have wanted to say, “I quit!” (with rolling eyes for effect) except I’m no quitter. So, resigned it is. I did not resign because I got greener pastures, or a green card, or anything green for that matter, not even bountiful dollars! I resigned because I knew it was time to turn over a new green leaf.  Continue reading

Five Otherwise “Normal” Things That Stupefy Me With Fear x_x

This may be the first post that I have written that will leave me with zero street-cred. Maybe not. But for the sake of your entertainment or consolation, I thought up five things that are deemed to be normal that completely freak me out. No, this is not about creepy crawlies–you know snakes and their relatives? Well, here goes: Continue reading

Not So Express—The Supermarket Edition

I hate shopping. Nay, I detest shopping. Know how everyone assumes all girls love shopping? Not me. It is definitely not one of those things you can stereotype me on as a female. When I go to the supermarket, I know what I want and most times I even know the lane I will find it in. I pick it up and make a beeline to the first free cashier I spot. I live with my sister, so most times I let her do the bulk shopping. So if I go to the supermarket I will usually be there to buy not more than five items. Enter the Express Counter. When supermarkets in Kenya introduced the Express Counter, I knew there was a God. This meant I didn’t have to stand in line to watch rich housewives with two huge shopping carts pay for their extravagant wares. But wait. Continue reading