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Soaring: A Tribute (Part 4)

Slightly before Chrismas Day 2008, the doctors put Dandara on about two rounds of chemotherapy to clear the cancer in his lungs. After every round of chemo the doctors would do an x-ray and each time the x-rays returned better and better results, atleast that is what they told us. So we went for our usual doctors’ briefings and the doctor informed us they would start weaning Dandara from the ventilator. Continue reading


Survivor: A Tribute (Part 3)

The following events took place between the morning of 12th December 2008 and 21st December 2008. I will be honest and tell you that I do not have the precise dates for most of the events that I narrate on this post. Sometimes I wish I kept a journal, sometimes I’m glad I did not. For human beings to survive, and remain sane the mind has a self-healing mechanism that deletes extremely painful memories, well atleast the exactitude. Hence I will share these events the way I remember them sans the dates. Continue reading

Sinking: A Tribute (Part 2)

Woke up very early. Thursday, 11th December 2008. Today was the deadline to finish that work, you know, the one I was doing for my aunt. What is that law that makes the ink catridge get finished the time you want to beat a deadline? Or power to go off, when you need to do some work? That is the law that was in effect that morning. Continue reading