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The One About Returning and A Place Called Kichakani

Hey good people! This is the first time I have started a blog by greeting you my Reader. It’s because after a two month blogging hiatus, I feel like it would be rude to walk in here as if two months of not posting didn’t happen. That, and also my parents taught me better. Hope y’all have been well? I know I’ve been! Can I scream here? Wuuuuuh!!! It is so good to be back. I feel a million tonnes lighter. I’m literally jumping off the walls (yes, murasta I jacked your line, shoot me?). Life is good people.

I finally completed my self awareness journey. I have never been more proud of myself. I’m so glad I didn’t quit when the going got tough, so glad that I put in the amount of work that I did to deal with my baggage, because it was worth it. All the tears I shed, all the pain I felt during the process was such a little price to pay. It was TOTALLY worth it. I have so many stories from this process that I will be sharing here, so you definitely wanna keep it locked.

Last time we talked here, I told you I was smelling a getaway. It happened! I went to this amazing little get-away place in Gilgil called Kichakani and it was completely breathtaking.

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