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Hallo 2012! You Look Gorgeous…

2012 is finally here!!! Yaaay!!! I am so EXCITED about 2012!!! Ahh 2012, what took you so long? I love how the digits in 2012 are even numbers. 2012 just has a good ring to it, a huuuuuge contrast from last year. I have told everybody that this will be the year that I win the lottery. If I were you, I’d pick now to befriend me. Neh, I’m just kidding. I bet I’m coming across as chatty, loquacious, jumpy and stuff but I just want y’all to pick on the excitement I’m feeling for this new year, and I hope that it’s infectious. Happy New Year friends. Continue reading


5 days into it…

So it’s the new year and everyone is so excited and yappy and giddy and jumpy and making new resolutions and waaaaaaay to animated for my liking, and me? I have this blank look on my face that I’m hoping will disappear sooner than later. Continue reading