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Life’s Little Tests… Of (Wo)men, Apples & Serpents

God created man in his own image. The garden of Eden became man’s abode. God allowed him to eat anything he wanted. Anything. Except to eat from the tree of knowledge (of good and evil). Man met a shrewd serpent. Serpent convinced man that he could be like God, if he ate from the tree of knowledge. Man loved the idea. Man tried to outshine God. Then God decided to remind man, that HE (God) was God. And man has tried to outshine God ever since. And God has reminded man that He is God ever since. Philosophical much? Continue reading


Private Party

The other day, I had a life defining moment. An epiphany, if you like. I was just about tired of seeking for validation from everyone around me (don’t give me that look as if you don’t get such days). Then I asked myself a brutally honest question, “What if I break (myself), and still don’t fit?”

On this day, the world was spinning wildly. It’s as if I was losing my sanity. Everything in my life was looking bleak. I have felt like a failure many times. But on this day, I felt like the queen of fail-ville. My mind seemed to have this very high-end magnifying glass, the kind that only picks the negative stuff in your life, and makes it a million times worse. And I quickly add, its resolution makes that picture crystal clear. Almost like a reality. Continue reading