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Stacy: A Story About a Mother (A Tribute)

It was our absolute first time to use public transport without the supervision of our parents. Our friend Kate had a friend who had lost her father, and she requested our company to visit her friend so she could offer her sympathies. Knowing Mum would be back much later we gladly obliged. The trip to Kate’s friend’s house was uneventful and after visiting her friend, my sister and I were confident we had done our good deed for the day.

On our way back we hopped on to the latest matatu—the kind that Mum would never agree to boarding because such matatus had the tendency to play loud music and had rowdy youths inside. But today it was different, WE were the shot-callers. As we were searching for a spot to sit, I felt someone tag at my hand. It was my Uncle—my mother’s brother. He didn’t live around, which meant he was on this matatu heading home—our home. Somebody say busted? I quickly composed myself and rumbled on about how we were responsible children who knew how to visit other children who had lost their parents, only coming short of expressly requesting him not to tell Mum about this very awkward encounter. Continue reading


Snatched: A Tribute (Part 1)

It was a normal day. Friday, 5th December 2008. Boss lady called me to her office and told me that it was time to take my leave days as the Christmas season was around the corner. The even better news was I could start on Monday, 8th December 2008. Continue reading