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Mourning: When it Hurts So Bad!

Amunga F. Baby!

Every time I come to write on my blog, I feel different. Sometimes I feel like a superstar, sometimes I feel like a proud aunt, sometimes I feel like a tour guide but today I feel like a politician. I feel like a politician because this is the one place I come once in a while–not as regularly as I should. This is the place that I make promises that I don’t keep. One such promise is the promise to post regularly. God knows my heart desires to do so, but life happens.

From reading my blog you may know that I have had my fair share of “life happens”. I come from a very small family comprising of my Dad, Mum, Me, My sister and My brother. I lost my Mum and I also lost my brother. When such things happen to you, you see life differently. So, growing up I didn’t see the need to do many things that people do. I couldn’t be bothered to party a lot, I didn’t have the time to be in relationships because I kept thinking there is more to life. If I thought something was vain, I did not give it another second of my time. I found myself gravitating more towards making meaningful relationships with people. People that were there for me when I was going through these tough seasons. That was my thing. And loving my family like it was the last thing I had.

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